Avoiding Heat-based Injuries

Are you prepared to work in the heat this year? There’s no reason to be macho about it – temperatures in the 80s have returned, and very hot weather is coming. Now is the time to make sure your employees are ready to cope with it. The sad fact is that people will die at…

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On-Site Safety Specialists?

Some of our most experienced and knowledgeable employees here at Paragon Safety Group have the job title of On-Site Safety Specialist (or OSS). What in the world is an OSS? Our OSS colleagues typically work full-time at construction and industry workplaces, and often perform the job of a Safety Manager, whose tasks can include: Inspecting…

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Third Party Safety Companies

Why is it better than having a safety professional on your staff? One question we hear from potential clients is: “Why shouldn’t I just hire a full-time safety person?” And it’s a natural thought to have. But there are so many benefits to hiring a safety firm like Paragon Safety Group – a third party,…

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