On-Site Safety Specialists?

Some of our most experienced and knowledgeable employees here at Paragon Safety Group have the job title of On-Site Safety Specialist (or OSS).

Paragon’s OSS John Salmon leads a safety talk before the workday begins at Shelco’s Corning plant project in Durham, NC

What in the world is an OSS?

Our OSS colleagues typically work full-time at construction and industry workplaces, and often perform the job of a Safety Manager, whose tasks can include:

  • Inspecting workers on-the-job, to ensure they are following OSHA standards and company safety policies
  • Leading Safety Committee meetings, Toolbox Talks, and other safety-focused employee meetings
  • Conducting employee safety training
  • Maintaining OSHA-required safety paperwork and reporting
  • Ensuring safety goals and objectives are established and maintained
John Salmon leads Stretch-and-Flex exercises to start the workday at Corning. John’s Stretch-and-Flex Program works to reduce the risk of injuries and increase productivity on the job.

In short, our OSS colleagues are safety experts, who do all-things safety on jobsites.

One thing is certain: in construction and in industry, everyone is busy. And if you are a supervisor or manager, odds are that you have to stay pretty focused on making sure your company’s work is being done right – juggling schedules and subcontractors and competing needs to make the puzzle pieces all fit together.

In the middle of that, it can be a challenge to find and hire the right person to be a safety specialist when there are so many other competing interests.

Many of our clients choose to let Paragon Safety Group shoulder the load of hiring on-site safety staff – we find them, vet their credentials, and administer their pay and all other HR duties. This saves money on overhead costs and the aggravation of recruiting, and guarantees that our clients have competent safety personnel ready to monitor their job sites whenever needed.

Does third-party safety staffing sound like what you need? Want to chat about a Paragon OSS coming to work for you? Send us an email, or give us a call (888.865.2516) to start a conversation!