It’s our mission to help protect your assets, and we know how complicated that has become.  That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to the Paragon Safety Portal (PSP). With easy access, insightful analytics and full transparency into your loss control program, this new tool can truly revolutionize how you discover, reverse and manage risk on the jobsite.

Safety Portal Features

    • Real-Time Protocol Monitoring – The PSP allows you to monitor in real time whether documentation is being filled out and to respond quickly to hazards, incidents or disciplinary actions happening on your jobsites.
    • Digital Forms – The PSP allows you to upload photos, complete paperwork, make notes and sign documents, all with the touch of a finger. You can even use your device’s voice dictation technology to fill out forms without ever using your hands! All forms are available in their most current version, and reports are instantly available anywhere within the company.
    • Access From Anywhere – Your entire team can navigate the company’s safety program on any device from anywhere, in real time. You can access jobsite audits, incident reports, equipment inspections JHAs, training videos, site-specific plans, written and video toolbox talks, templates for forms and reports, employee rosters with links to all employee training documentation, and much more – all at the tap of a finger.
    • Safety Compliance Tutorials – Comprehensive drop-down menus provide standard information for filling out required safety documents such as JHAs and more, so your staff can complete these vital documents thoroughly and with ease.
  • Jobsite Safety Audit Reports – Our Safety Portal stores all of Paragon’s comprehensive audit reports in one location in the PSP, so you can quickly access, analyze and address your action items. Enjoy access to OSHA standards and easily view our list of recommended corrective actions in one location, along with updated analytics at the completion of each audit.

How You Benefit

    • Strengthened Safety Culture – Participating in the PSP enhances your company’s safety culture by demonstrating that safety is a top priority. With safety at your employees’ fingertips, “buying-in” to your safety efforts is a requirement, not a choice.
    • Increased Due Diligence – Each signature captured in the PSP is attached to a specific employee and time-stamped, proving the signature wasn’t back-dated. You can also take photos to document an injury, safety maneuver or anything else to demonstrate that a corrective action was taken. Simply put, our safety portal documents and stores every safety action you take on a daily basis to help you visualize your safety procedures at work in real-time and provide a robust record of due diligence for your company.
    • Reduced Workers’ Compensation Premiums – Having all of your company’s resources in one location not only saves time and money but also paints a very clear picture of your company’s risk management program. Paragon will work directly with your insurance agent and carrier to “show off” this information, which can result in reclassification of your risk profile and save as much as 40% on your Property and Casualty premiums.
  • Maintenance-Free Portal Administration – Paragon Safety Group will administer, maintenance and ensure operation of your portal data without any additional work for you or your team.

The Future of Risk Management

From job notes, daily reports, written policies, training records, facility maps and so much more, the new Paragon Safety Portal is the future of risk management. Contact the workplace safety experts at Paragon Safety Group today to request a demo and upgrade the way your business manages risk. Our mission is your necessity.