Energy Safety Staffing

When it comes to the energy industry, no one understands the importance of maintaining a safe operation like the professionals at Paragon Safety Group. We are here to ensure your job runs smoothly – whether just a short-term contract or a long-term project. With a focus on protecting your workers, the general public, and the environment, your project is in safe hands with one of our energy safety management professionals.

Let Us Handle the Hiring Process

We will hand-select the best safety professional to manage your unique job. With an on-the-go mentality of many energy industry projects, we know that it is time-consuming to go through the process of hiring a full-time employee. Not only will our team handle the recruiting and hiring process, but we will ensure that there is always a Paragon Safety Group professional on the job. In the event that one of our energy safety managers is suddenly unable to be on-site during a project, we will ensure a replacement as quickly as possible to eliminate any downtime on your projects.

We Are Specialists in Energy Safety Staffing

As regulations in the energy industry increase, it is more important than ever to have safety precautions in place to prevent incidents affecting the environment. Our energy safety professionals are highly trained and will accommodate the unique needs of your project to ensure it is incident-free. Professionals from Paragon Safety Group are skilled in risk management and receive ongoing OSHA training to stay on top of the latest regulations and best safety practices.

Save on Your Human Resources Expenses

By partnering with Paragon Safety Group for staffing your energy projects, your company will save money and time by eliminating the recruiting and hiring process. We select the most qualified safety professionals and will manage the human resources process, including benefits, taxes, and payroll.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and let us take care of finding the best energy safety manager for your project!