Safety Training

Safety training is one of the first things you should do as an employer to minimize the hazards that your workers face every day. Not only can it prevent needless injuries, but it can also reduce your exposure to costly litigation. OSHA regulations require safety training for employees, both in general industry and in the construction field, making it essential for you to maintain compliance.

At Paragon Safety Group, we understand the cost and time commitment companies incur to keep employees trained, and that’s why we maximize the effectiveness of our training by using a wide variety of resources that are carefully customized to your individual needs and scope of work. Our scheduling is flexible, and we will conduct classes at your worksite, our training center, or any other appropriate location.

Each member of our safety training team has years of experience in the construction industry and is well-versed in adult learning techniques. Through creativity and “hands-on” demonstrations, Paragon Safety Group trainers strive to maximize participation and retention for class participants.

Classes offered include:

Paragon’s classes are available to be taught in either English or Spanish.