Oil & Gas Industry Safety Consulting

Paragon Safety Group assists clients in the energy industry with safety management services that help protect your workers, the general public, and the environment.

In the face of ever-increasing regulatory oversight, the energy industry must contend with a vast array of safety, health, and environmental concerns across a wide range of operations. Whether renewable energy, such as solar and wind, oil and gas, coal or nuclear power, Paragon’s safety consultants and on-site safety professionals understand the challenges of ever-increasing regulatory oversight and vast array of safety, health and environmental concerns.

We can help develop and implement specific systems, programs, and processes to manage and monitor activities that affect your company’s safety performance, help create a sustainable safety culture, and support business performance throughout the full life cycle of your assets.

Paragon uses a comprehensive, flexible approach that allows us to create the right customized safety solutions for your company’s unique situation, using a combination of the following activities:

  • Safety monitoring and inspection
  • Employee training on oil and gas industry specific safety and health topics
  • Development and implementation of safety programs and processes
  • Job Hazard Analysis of critical projects
  • Regulatory compliance auditing
  • Safety culture assessment and training
  • In-depth incident investigation and root-cause analysis
  • Corrective action planning
  • Management system design, development, implementation, and training
  • Competency auditing and tracking
  • Regulation-required documentation and reporting
  • Inspection preparation
  • Metrics development

Let Paragon help you ensure an injury and incident-free environment!