Avoiding Heat-based Injuries

Are you prepared to work in the heat this year?

There’s no reason to be macho about it – temperatures in the 80s have returned, and very hot weather is coming. Now is the time to make sure your employees are ready to cope with it.

The sad fact is that people will die at work this year because of heat-related illness – take 2015, when 37 people died at work due to heat exposure and left their families to grieve. And they all could have been prevented!

Paragon’s Randy Dixon, our Senior Field Safety Specialist, uses a sun visor on his hard hat to keep cool and reduce sun exposure during hot days.

Do you know the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke? If you’re working outside, you need to be able to recognize the difference between the two, and know how to react appropriately.

  • Heat exhaustion is the less serious condition, and symptoms include fatigue, headache, and intense sweating. Treat it by drinking water, resting in a cool, shady area, cold compresses, and loosening any tight-fitting clothing.

  • Heat stroke is a serious medical condition requiring immediate medical attention – if you see someone suffering from heat stroke, call 911. Symptoms include collapsing, seizures, severe confusion, and when a person stops sweating completely. In heat stroke, organs can start shutting down – it’s a very serious problem.

And it isn’t just about deaths caused directly by heat stroke – being hot at work can cause you to be less focused, and more prone to causing other accidents that could cause an injury or death.

Does your company have a Heat Stress control policy? What sort of training do you offer your supervisors and employees about how to prevent heat exposure conditions?

Paragon Safety Group can help you prepare for working in hot weather – we write Heat Stress Safety Policies, and we also teach a Heat Stress Management Class for supervisors and employees. If you would like to chat with us about how we can help you prevent heat injuries, give us a call or connect with us via email or social media!