Third Party Safety Companies

Why is it better than having a safety professional on your staff?

One question we hear from potential clients is: “Why shouldn’t I just hire a full-time safety person?” And it’s a natural thought to have. But there are so many benefits to hiring a safety firm like Paragon Safety Group – a third party, independent consulting company will cost less money and provide a much superior service, in the short term as well as in the long run.

A lot goes in to a safety program: documentation development, employee training, worksite audits, and more. Hiring a third-party company means our best instructors teach your classes, our best field safety auditors are doing your worksite audits, and our policy-writing experts are writing all of your safety manuals. Unless you can find the perfect jack-of-all-trades to bring onto your staff, that’s a lot of different, difficult tasks for a single person to pull off well, and you are better off partnering with a company full of safety experts, each with their specific area of expertise.

It is not uncommon for companies to promote a supervisor or foreman to the role of safety manager. This approach can lead to problems, as a person promoted from within will rarely be able to look at a jobsite objectively. Their tendency might be to go easy on their former colleagues out in the field, people who they consider friends. While Paragon Safety Group’s worksite auditors are friendly and fair, they are also objective and don’t let bias get in the way of reporting on all genuine worksite safety issues, major or minor, without fear of hurting anybody’s feelings.

Let our safety experts do all of the hard work for you – they’ll be more effective, more objective, and also more inexpensive than hiring a full-time safety manager for your staff. And if you disagree, give us a call and we can chat about it!