How can technology help keep workers safe?

Paragon Safety Group is now into its sixth year of supporting the loss control efforts of its clients and helping safeguard their success. A central component of this process involves looking at new and innovative ways to approach safety. In the world of smartphones and drones, we work to be at the forefront of technology, striving to understand how new tech can help to protect people and property.

A central part of our strategy is our digital tool, the Paragon Safety Portal. The Portal is a digital tool that allows Paragon’s clients to manage risk with easy access, useful analytics and full transparency into their loss control program.

The Paragon Safety Portal – maintain your company’s safety program on your desktop, or out in the field with your tablet or smartphone.

The Portal is an app which is compatible with desktops, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and allows for on-the-fly management of a company’s safety program. The Portal has a large range of functions, including easy and improved documentation, onsite access to information, a readily-available knowledge base for completing required safety documents, a resource library for storing all audit reports, daily reports, employee training records, lesson plans and training videos, job notes, facility maps, and helps to ensure effective monitoring and the growth of an enhanced safety culture.

Does this sound like something that could make your life easier? Give us a call or drop us an email and we can chat about how you could use the Portal to manage your company’s safety paperwork.