On-Site Safety Manager

Paragon Safety Group Provides experienced safety professionals to manage site safety on your project or to supplement your team when additional safety support and representation is required. Industries that take advantage of our services include:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Large Industrial
  • Universities
  • Transportation
  • Chemical
  • Gas & Oil
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Plants

Paragon’s professional on-site safety managers will:

  • Properly facilitate and document construction safety procedures
  • Manage safe work permits
  • Conduct safety meetings
  • Perform first aid, CPR and AED services when necessary
  • Investigate and document on-site drug screening
  • Provide required safety training services for construction personnel
  • Act as a liaison with project managers, contractors and safety department personnel
  • Enforce risk management and hazard control procedures

At Paragon, our on-site safety professionals work to identify risks at your job site or facility and help you find solutions. Our job is to be a team player and resource to all project personnel. We strive to earn your respect and the respect of your personnel – all while delivering effective safety solutions.