Safety First? No!

Here in the Paragon office, we talk a lot about how safety is NOT first.

That might sound odd coming from a safety company…but it’s true for us! All too often we hear from companies who are wary of dealing with safety consultants who act like the “Safety Cops” – but that’s not us (OSHA does a good enough job of that on their own!).

We can talk until we’re blue in the face about what your company should be doing better to keep your employees safe at work – but by taking the “Safety Cop” approach, our safety advice would fall on deaf ears.

That’s why at Paragon we have made our focus to be “Relationship People” – using our Emotional Intelligence to take the time to understand the people who work within a company. We do a better job of keeping employees safe and productive if we can take a moment to think about your motivation and pain points, and use that information to explain the “why” as well as the “how” of keeping employees safe at work. We need our clients to know we’re on their side!

Paragon’s Field Safety Staff (like Richard Cardin, pictured here) aren’t the Safety Police – they are trusted experts focused on keeping worksites safe and risk low.

Simply put, we are your friends in the safety world – we’ll work to identify areas needing improvement in your safety culture, through our variety of service offerings: third-party safety audits, policy writing, safety training, and onsite staffing. Because you’d rather hear it from a friend than from OSHA, whose advice may be accompanied by a citation or fine.

Take a look at this great article – a writer in Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine shares our belief that using Emotional Intelligence is critical to keeping people safe and productive on the jobsite. It’s what separates Paragon Safety Group from the rest of the pack!

If you think working with us at Paragon sounds better than dealing with a Safety Cop with a chip on his shoulder, give us a call (919.329.0006) or drop us an email – we would love to chat about what we can do for you!