COVID-19 in the Workplace

What’s your plan for making sure the corona virus doesn’t affect your productivity?

The COVID-19 virus has spread from a small farmer’s market in China all the way to our communities on the East Coast. NOW is the time to make a plan for your company – how will you make sure your employees stay healthy and productive?

Gloves and Surgical Masks – save them for the pros.

Did you know? For the general public, wearing face masks and gloves is NOT recommended. Don’t hoard them – our medical professionals need them much more than we do in construction and industry. To keep yourself from catching COVID-19, do the same things you do to prevent catching a cold:

  1. Wash your hands frequently, and make sure your employees do, too. Buy bottles of gel hand sanitizer, and put them everywhere for people to use frequently.
  2. Make sure you regularly clean any surfaces that are commonly touched – door knobs, bathroom sink faucets, water fountains.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is spread this message to your employees: sick employees need to stay home.

The same workers you have who resist wearing PPE while they work because they’re too macho are the ones who will want to come to work when they have a cold, because they’re strong enough to keep working while they’re sick. These are the people you have to remind: staying at home when you’re sick is not about you – it’s about protecting your coworker, the grandmother they live with, and the other children in their kid’s daycare. We all have to look out for everyone else, even if it means staying at home with what feels like a mild cold.

Your young, healthy employee who wants to come to work with a sniffle is dangerous. Sure – most healthy people can recover from corona virus without issue – but those people with a sniffle help to spread the virus to everyone else – other employees who aren’t as young and healthy, and loved ones at home who may be at more risk of serious consequences from catching the virus.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has some great advice for how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Take a minute to read that advice here and follow it – you could save a life.