Trenching & Excavation Safety Training

Two workers are killed each month in trench collapses. Cave-ins pose the greatest risk and are much more likely to result in worker fatalities, but other potential hazards include falls, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and incidents involving mobile equipment.

Paragon Safety Group offers a Trenching and Excavation Safety course that trains workers in the use of protective gear and equipment, safe work practices, accident reporting, and the procedures required for your company to be OSHA compliant. This course is available in both English and Spanish.

Who should take this course?

Paragon’s Trenching and Excavation course is designed for all employers, supervisors and workers whose job duties require them to be in or around excavation and trenching work. The course addresses the identification and correction of hazards, soil testing methods, trench protection systems, and general safety requirements.

Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • Hazards encountered in trenching and excavation work
  • OSHA requirements
  • The four types of trench collapses and the causes of each type
  • Soil testing and soil types
  • Safe trenching and excavation work practices
  • Types of trench protection systems
  • General regulations and requirements for trenching and excavation work

Each participant who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Prevent Excavation & Trenching Accidents with Paragon

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Paragon Safety Group also offers OSHA 10-Hour training and OSHA 30-Hourtraining, as well as construction safety training on a variety of additional topics. See our course calendar for a complete schedule of upcoming course offerings.