Rigging & Signaling Training

Many people are injured each year in crane construction accidents, and dozens of these are fatalities. Of the top four most common fatality accidents, number two is from the load dropping on workers and number four is from workers being struck by the boom, with over ninety percent of these rigging and signaling-related accidents being caused by human error. Paragon Safety Group offers Rigging and Signaling training as the key to preventing these incidents.

Offered in both English and Spanish, Paragon’s Rigging and Signaling course covers all topics required by OSHA for qualifying signal persons and riggers.

Who should take this course?

This training is designed for all workers who supervise, inspect, or participate in rigging or hoisting operations while using cranes, heavy equipment, boom lifts, truck cranes, shop hoists, or other hoisting equipment. The course covers operational and pre-operational procedures for rigging and signaling while meeting OSHA’s requirement for qualifying riggers and signal persons.

Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • Safety standards and regulations (including OSHA requirements)
  • Operator hands-on experience (rigger and signal person)
  • Scope of the rigging activity
  • Rigging components and devices
  • Technical knowledge
  • Inspection
  • Execution of rigging activity
  • Hand signals
  • Voice communication
  • Basic knowledge of crane operations
  • Situational awareness

Demonstrated successful completion of the following tasks is required:

  • Pre-use rigging inspection
  • Rigging hitches
  • Rigging connections
  • Basic knots

Each participant who successfully completes the course receives a certificate of qualification.

Prevent Rigging & Signaling Accidents with Paragon

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